A 26-year-old college student Ana Gavia launched Online Swimwear business

A 26-year-old college student Ana Gavia started an online swimwear business. Today she is an entrepreneur of e-commerce startup Pinkcolada. She started this business from her home at only $200. By social media advertising, Pinkcolada has rapidly grown.

She said that Pinkcolada had reached a sales growth of 216% and earn the revenue of almost $1.7 million since January 2018. Ana said that she was entirely involved in every step of her business from designing to website development, finance administration, software execution and marketing of products. Gavia came up with this idea because of her necessity.

While attending a master degree program in podiatric medicine at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia she spent most of her time working on her designs when she reached home after university.

She came up with this idea in the search of stylish and high-quality swimwear.  Ana said that she spent her spare time working on HTML layouts using photoshop and editing images. Gavia said that she spent most of her money on publicizing, scheming and productions. Instagram is the powerful platform of Pinkcolada which help in customer engagement.

In the start, she did everything manually which cause mistakes but with the passage of time, she improved a lot. When her first batch of swimwear sold out she reinvested the money in bigger orders in this way she earns a profit and improved her website. Her first priority is to research the demand for her products.

When she started this business she did everything by herself no one helped her. She was a college student when she started this business. She kept this startup idea to herself.

Ana Gavia said that entrepreneurship is a tough journey but the current generation thinks about this very lightly. Most of the people think that when someone started his/her own business it gives an opportunity to them that they work on flexible hours and easily maintain his/her work-life balance. She said that this is not true because when someone started his/her own business he/she knows this is far from reality.