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25- year old model Thitima found dead in the apartment lobby of male model

A body of young women found from the lobby of the condo in Thailand. This whole incident has grabbed the attention of whole nation and put a question mark on the women’s safety in the entertainment industry.

25-year-old Thitima Noraphanpipha found dead in an apartment’s lobby. Police imprisoned a male model in connection with the female model death. A CCTV footage was discovered which shows that a male model dragged her lifeless body into an elevator and leave her on the sofa in the lobby of his Bangkok condo.

Thitima was a model, product presenter, and party entertainer. She used to serve drinks at the party and on the day of her death she had been paid for serving drinks at the party. After that, her body was found in the lobby of the main defendant’s flat.

Her death has dominated headlines in the country. On Thursday, 6 more people were arrested who are related to this case after a complaint filed by another victim who also used to serve drinks.

 According to the Bangkok report, Thitima was the only income-earner of the household. She wanted to send her 3 years old daughter to a good school. Her death highlights the weak laws related to women safety.

24-year old Rachadech Wongtabut was the last person who seen Thitima alive. Police questioned him but he denied the charges. Police also confirmed that he posted a photo of Thitima on the night of her death. Moreover, CCTV footage added more to this case in which the model is seen with the lifeless body of Thitima.

When medical examiner confirmed her death time police detained the Rachadech. He was charged with illegal detention, abduction and the indecency. Police also said that they are inspecting who are related to this case in any way.

Police said that the male model confessed that he took her to his apartment, but he denies the charges that he killed her. He said that he took her to his apartment because she was drunk at that time, he didn’t know that she has died.

Security camera footage shows that the male model took the comatose Thitima to his condo but after an hour she dragged her and placing her on the sofa in the atrium of his flat.

Suspicion was raised when police try to open the door of the male model’s apartment, but he didn’t open it after finding the body.

An initial post-mortem report says that Thitima expired because of excessive consumption of alcohol. The autopsy report found no evidence of drugs or any sexual assault in her systems.

Thitima attorney said that they are waiting for the new post-mortem report to be completed on October 2 since her death was suspicious.

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