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Women’s feelings are always ‘socialized’: Natalie Portman inspired by Time’s Up movement

The upcoming female Thor the Goddess of Thunder Natalie Portman shares how she felt about women’ anger. In a recent interview, she mentioned about how women’s anger is categorized. As we have seen women express their anger differently as compared to men, as women are specified as ‘Socialised’.

Portman disclosed that when a women felt anger we say she is suppressed under emotional distress. As the actress said ‘We have been socialized to trust that we are feeling sad or emotional not angry’. When I realized about that at first I went into a breakdown like OH MY GOD, all those time when I was crying I was actually angry.

Women actually don’t know how to express their feelings they cry when they are angry and their tears actually are a sign of anger that they can not express what they are feeling at the moment so they start crying. In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she mentioned the difficulties women face when being valued on their appearances and the positive impact of the Time’s Up movement. Portman in January 2018 was in the list of several celebrities who donated $50,000 to the Time’s Up movement.

The star summarized how her dedication with the Time’s Up movement has helped her make the connection with several other female celebrities who are inspiring to her. She mentioned Reese Witherspoon because her personality has inspired Portman in many ways. She felt thankful after knowing so many amazing women through Time’s Up. Because they are doing much creative work I see what they are doing and I know I can do more. She mentioned Chiuri cloth designer who designs clothes for women because women can better understand other women and what they want because a woman can actually understand others feeling or we might want to wear a T-shirt with a lousy skirt and flat.

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