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Woman injured in the firing incident, Nazimabad

On Tuesday in the district central a mother and her 5-month-old child were wounded in a firing incident. According to the forces, the incident took place near Rizvia police station in Nazimabad.

The forces further told that two men came on a motorcycle and tried to rob the women. The women resisted so the men on the motorcycle started firing. The bullet shot the women and then hit the little boy, two of the fingers of the infant got injured.

After hearing the noise from the gunshot, the locals gathered and called the ambulance. The ambulance took the victims of the incident to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where the victims were treated.

The woman was identified as Momina Hussaini who is currently 24-years-old. She is the wife of Jawad Yousuf,  the little boy is identified as Moosa who is only 5 months old

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