Photo by Skydive Dubai

UAE today: The UAE Embassy alongside with Entrepreneurship Development Centre Ethiopia has launched a Women empowerment training programme to make the women of Addis Ababa more stronger economically. From a total count, 300 women will get benefit from this training programme.

With the cooperation of the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP). Head of representative of UNDP Ethiopia, Minister of state of urban development Ethiopia, and Head of Economic and Media Affairs at UAE embassy Ethiopia altogether attended the programme. Ministry of Women Children and Youth of Ethiopia was also at the programme.

Head of media, Al Badawi said that the UAE government has always wished about empowering women and we believe we will be able to encourage them and connect them through a single platform. He admired the efforts of Emirati women and he mentioned them as the role model for others, he pleasantly said about the Emirati women that they are also recognized as leaders in different sectors in the state.

This programme will help benefit the Ethiopian women, it will include their efforts in the new business environment, providing them job opportunities in different sectors, more importantly, they have included private sectors in the programme as well. The UAE embassy is also helping with other technical programmes along with the other NGOs in the area.