Two women killed on the misconception of practicing black magic

Four people were apparently trampled to death in Jharkhand, India. Two of them were women and the other two men. It was believed that women were involved in practicing dark magic.

 A group of 10 to 12 people came pulled the four people out of their house and started whipping them with sticks until they were dead. This was after they suspected that the women were somehow indulged in dark magic.

Local police reached the area and started their investigation. They said that the area was filled with terror and locals did not have the courage to step up. Further investigation told that the locals believed that the two women were actually involved in black magic.

Deepak Kumar the associated DSP told that people’s blind faith is the main reason for this murder. He also affirmed that they’ve started a search to track down the killers.

Incidents like these are natural in Jharkhand where people are murdered only because of the misconception that they practice dark magic. A similar incident took place on Dec 2016 where an elderly couple was beaten to death by the crowd because they were accused of practicing dark magic.