Photo by Jason Kempin

Women internationally have made their space in the workplace by dedicating their efforts and creativity, but still, there is a visible gap in terms of leadership, the higher women go-up the lower the portrayal they have. In the top 500 Fortune companies, only 33 women are CEOs not more than 6% of the progress in the past few years. In the last few years, the %age of women in the upper management category had slowed a lot.

As people say there is always hope after the night we can quote it right here after finding Tiffany Pham the Chief Executive Officer who established Mogul with the vision of exiting the gender gap in the workplace.

Mogul was founded in 2014, the main purpose of the company is to provide capabilities in the field of technology, community, inspire women in education and connect them to advance in all categories and here age is not a gap, a rising young girl to a senior cooperate women all are welcome. This platform is available in 196 countries with 30million users now. Its board of advisors includes names like Warner Brothers CEO Ann Sarnoff and personal finance expert Suze Orman.

This platform connects women with cooperate companies like Amazon, IBM, and Western Union, these companies are the key focus for women and Mogul too. Mogul has increased the range of the talent line for its partner workplaces by an average of 74.4% per year.