Selma Blair thought of herself as an embarrassment to her son
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

Selma Blair the American actress told in an interview that about a year ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she added that despite her awful journey and the struggles she’s been through her son doesn’t look at her any differently. The little kid doesn’t say that his mother is sick rather he says that she is brave.

She further said that her son witnessed the battle she’s fighting, multiple times he saw her fell from the stairs and running to the bathroom whenever she was ill she said that she thought that she was an embarrassment for her son but her son thinks otherwise.

Arthur the 8-years-old kid said that he loves it when his mom visits the school to pick him up because she makes every kid laugh.

Moreover, she said that she has no issues in telling the kids that why is she like this and why does she talk and walk in this funny way. She said she doesn’t mind it because at the end of the day they have a great conversation about it and that is what matters.

Blair exposed through Instagram that she has Multiple Sclerosis and that she has had this incurable disease for 15 years now also she said that the symptoms of her disease were never taken seriously. Since then Blair has been documentation her journey while battling this disease.

She further said that her diagnosis is keeping her from her son they cannot enjoy as much but she said that they play dodgeball together even though her son Arthur is the only one dodging.

Blair said that they play dodgeball but she doesn’t dodge the ball because moving from side to side hurriedly can be dangerous for her so she throws the ball and her son dodges the ball and then he throws the ball back at her politely.

MS is a disease which disables the brain and the spinal cord due to which one cannot function properly its symptoms may include shocks tremors numbness loss of vision slurred speech.