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Saudi Women found interested in purchasing Volkswagen

The retailing for Volkswagen has increased substantially this year. This year so far 25% of women have been found interested in purchasing Volkswagen Tiguan a large seven-seater car of larger families and Volkswagen has welcomed women for showing their interest in Volkswagen.

The exclusive Volkswagen trader Samaco Automotive company in Saudi has reported the sale has been boosted for a year and the very first anniversary for women driving in the kingdom.

Samaco has experienced women interest so far in 2019 and has welcomed women and has decided to create a Women’s Car Club to unite all the women under a single platform. So far 50,000 licenses were issued this year. Mohammed Moussa, general manager for Volkswagen at Samaco said, “We are hugely proud to be a part of the women community taking interest in Volkswagen and we have found them exciting.

We are truly honoured to be the ideal choice for so many women and their families. With wonderful new models such as the latest Touareg and Teramont and the ever-popular Tiguan, we are sure that Volkswagen will be able to play an exciting role in women journey to getting out onto the roads across Saudi Arabia.”

Volkswagen launched it’s very first Women Car Club in Saudi Arab

The very first Women’s Car Club is positivity towards gender equality said Ammal Farhat from the very start I wanted to represent women separately and the formation of this club exactly what I thought of.

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