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Rameela Ayesha accused journal post for refusing to pay employees

Rameela Ayesha a graphic designer lives in Lahore has blamed journal post for not paying their employees. Journal post is an international news media organization that spotlights on the US, UK, and entertainment news. It is additionally depicted as Pakistan’s quickest developing new businesses.

Rameela joined journal post directly after university as a graphic designer. She was told from the start that she would be given transport and Rs 45000 month to month stipend. At first, Rameela asserted things were fine. She says during the first month of employment she was told that the company does not pay the first-month pay at the end of the first month.

It is paid by the last week of the second month, so as to make sure an employee does not leave without giving a notice of 30 days since that was company protocol and she accepted it as such. By the second month of employment, I received my first salary in full.” However, after some financial issues, the company began to downsize and they stopped paying. She says every time I asked, I was told I will receive it in a week or I will receive it after 3 to 4 days when the issues of PayPal resolve.

Toward the start of her four months of work, the supervisor who had been there for a long time left without notice. Rameela was approached to take up his obligations without a salary increase. Despite the fact that she was informed that she would get sovereignties for each article that she edited and published.

When she says I am requesting money nothing else each time he said it will be settled soon when this PayPal issue will be settled. Their behavior appears to be incredibly careless. The CEO was requesting that she come into the workplace constantly, despite the fact that she was not getting paid which was a violation of her agreement.

Her agreement unmistakably expressed the worker chief’s place of business will be at the representative’s home. The worker will visit the workplace upon boss request.

On the fifteenth of October 2018, Rameela chose to inform the organization regarding her intention to leave. Nonetheless, the following day the CEO asked Rameela to check her email. The CEO had sent her a termination letter.

Rameela says, not long after I got a call from CEO he started shouting and saying that I was in charge of his business having issues, that I had been speaking shit about him to other people and that he would not pay me regardless of whether I went to the meeting. He would destroy me and I ought to send him a letter of apology. Rameela even composed the letter of apology however things still not working in her favor.

After threatening legal action, her case was given over to the prime supporter and the head of HR Shahbaz Sahi. They arranged the meeting with the CEO on the condition that she would be paid for her work that day. However, they would constantly delay that meeting, giving one excuse or another.

At that point when they finally set up a meeting, they didn’t have any documentation prepared or her installment. Rameela asked again and they said that they were setting up a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and that she would get Rs 78000 of her compensation depending on the prerequisite that she signed. But they never sent her the NDA.

Rameela put up a status on Facebook about the unprofessional environment in Journal post.

I had the worst experience working for a startup by the name of Journal Post. The company exploits employees, does not…

Posted by Rameela Ayesha on Monday, June 24, 2019

After doing so she received a number of messages of former employees they said that they went through the same things. Some former employees claimed they had not been paid till up to three months later while others claimed they never ended up receiving their complete salaries.

It’s miserable how normal it has moved toward becoming for organizations, particularly media organizations, to not pay their workers.

Media houses have been accused of not paying their employees for a month, forcing the government to step in. the reason this is such a big problem in Pakistan is that there are little to no ramifications for not paying people. Most people do not have the facilities to pursue cases of non- payment.

Furthermore, our courts are overflowing with cases already, meaning resolving these problems will take a long time. In fact, it may actually cost more to go court than to not.

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