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Thor ‘Thunder and Love’ will show a new face of its revolution as its decided NataliePortman will be portraying the part as the Goddess with fictitious strengths and will be handling the powerful hammers along with other legends.

It was confirmed at San Diego Comin-Con, where Natalie’s character as Jane Forster will appear as Thor in ‘Thunder and Love’ alongside with Thompson as the King, as she broke the news she mentioned as the first LGBTO superhero in the Marvel world.

As Natalieposted on Instagram where she is handling mighty hammer with Thompson and Chris Hemsworth(he will reappear in the movie). Back in 2014, in the story grid, Thor loses his power leaves his name where Foster picks up the Mjolnir and we can imagine her in the character of Goddess of Thunder, taking over Thor, all comic readers knew from the start.

And after announcing that Natalie is taking the honour of Thor, people are left over-whelming. Thor ‘Thunder and Love’ will be released in 2021.