Michelle Obama the most admired women in the world
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for ESSENCE)

Michelle Obama, the former first lady of U.S.A has left Angelina Jolie behind in being the most admired women in the world. A new survey by YouGov suggested that Barak Obama and Michelle Obama are the most admired couple in the world not to forget that Mr. Obama was elected as the second most admired man on earth, with bill gates placing at first.

The couple topped the charts of 2019, keeping in mind that in 2018 the couple was the most admired couple in the world according to a Gallop survey. President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are placed second and third in the 2019 charts.

This new survey suggested that the present president Mr. Trump and his wife Melania Trump aren’t as admired internationally as much as they are admired within the states. The survey stated that President Trump was at the 14th place while the First Lady Melania Trump placed at 19th.

Fascinatingly, the trump and Obama’s were not the only ones who made it to the list. Many other political figures made it to the list including Joe Biden at 6th, Bernie sander at 7th as the most admired man in the United States. While on the other hand, Condoleezza Rice is placing at 7th, Hillary Clinton at 8th, Nikki Haley follows them and places at 9th. Ivanka Trump was also on the list placing at 11th and Elizabeth Warren also made it to the list of the U.S most admired women placing at 13th.

Michelle Obama has been in the spotlight since she left the white house, unlike other women who disappear from the spotlight. She kept appearing on talk shows and different award ceremonies. The 55-year-old attorney recently sold about 10 million copies of her autobiography since last year.

A former speechwriter for Hilary Clinton, Lissa Muscatine said that she is now a political celebrity and a rock star at this point.

One of the reasons that Michelle Obama is uprising is that some of the people in the state miss the Obamas.

It was revealed by the Obama’s in April that they’re working on some documentaries and film projects with their production company and Netflix. Children show about food, a drama series after world war 2 and a feature-length film about Frederick Douglas are included in those films.

Obama told that he created his own production company the higher grounds so that it can reveal the power of storytelling. He also added that is the only reason they are so excited about the upcoming projects. He said that concerning the issues of race, culture color cast and creed these project won’t only be for entertainment but for education to teach and inspire us on these issues.

Michelle Obama added that “We love this slate because it spans so many different interests and experiences, yet it’s all woven together with stories that are relevant to our daily lives. We think there’s something here for everyone — moms and dads, curious kids, and anyone simply looking for an engaging, uplifting watch at the end of a busy day. We can’t wait to see these projects come to life — and the conversations they’ll generate.”