Home Politics Melania Trump shares delight over ImranKhan visit to White house

Melania Trump shares delight over ImranKhan visit to White house

Melania Trump the First Lady of U.S.A shares images on twitter of Imran khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s visit to the Whitehouse on Monday.

The caption of the picture stated that “it’s really nice to have PM Imran khan of Pakistan at the White House“

Melania the wife of the U.S president shared her great delight over Imran Khan’s visit to the white house.

President Trump said that he will try to arbitrate the relationship between India and Pakistan and also mediate the issue of Kashmir, he also said that this dispute must be resolved signaling towards the shift the in U.S Policy.

Since the end of British rule in the subcontinent, Kashmir has been separated into India and Pakistan and Kashmir still remain one of the biggest disagreements among the two nuclear-armed states.

While hosting Prime Minister Imran Khan at the white house, President Trump said “ If I can help, I would love to be an arbitrator” he also said that “if I can do anything to help, let me know”

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