Meghan sent an upsetting email to her mum before her death

An Australian lady sent her mom an upsetting email only days before she was discovered dead at the base of a building.

Meghan Godfrey, 27, from Yungaburra, Queensland, was found on July 16 at the foot of a building on the George Washington University grounds, in the United States.

Forces trust that Ms. Godrey ended her own life.

Two weeks prior she had sent her mom in Australia an email asking for her mom to come and take her home as she might have been “prepared to return”, as per HER Resiliency Center, a nearby care group for ladies.

On Sunday, the association shared the photographs of Ms. Godfrey to Facebook, expressing she had her wallet and ID stolen and was dozing on the floor unpleasantly.

Ms. Godfrey had been seen till Friday, however, she had not been seen or gotten notification since then, the people said.

The National Missing and Unidentified Person’s System had before delivered a composite picture of a lady found on the college grounds, engaging for assistance in distinguishing her.

After accepting the tips from the general population, police had the option to coordinate Ms. Godfrey’s prints with the dead lady.

“We are disheartened that earlier tonight we learned Meghan is no longer with us. We trust she is at peace and pray for her family,” a lady remarked on the post to HER’s Facebook page.

Her mom was looking for her, yet she was faced with the terrible news that no parent is ever prepared to hear. Also, she now has to go through the difficult task to properly identify her daughter’s body.