Mahira Khan considers Imran khan as the light at the end of the tunnel
Mahira Khan considers Imran khan as the light at the end of the tunnel

P.M Imran khan is officially going to visit the U.S and encounter the U.S President Trump. He guaranteed the state that he would take up our circumstances to the U.S president he also guaranteed that he will not let us downhearted in any way or humiliate the state.

Hours before his meeting on Monday with the U.S president while speaking with one of the biggest Pakistani meetings at the capital one arena, pm said that he was always against the military strategies against Afghanistan but he said because of being against it he was always disapproved.

Moreover, the P.M told the enthusiastic troop that he had been in politics for about 23 years now and in all his political career he has never bent down to anyone but Allah and he will make sure he doesn’t let down heart his state in the same way.

Mahira Khan praised P.M Imran khan enthusiastically among all the talk about the U.S visit. She tweeted about it on twitter mentioning this as a ray of hope.

She said “Hope! may we be alive to witness the Pakistan you make us dream of @ImranKhanPTI #PMIKinUS”

Along with Mahira other Celebrities also tweeted about How much this brings them joy and how much faith they have in the PM. Urwa Hocane also commended about the U.S visit of Imran khan. She praised Imran khan for his vision.