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London has been ranked as no 3 along New York and Bay area in the list of best cities for women entrepreneurs. According to the recent researches by DELL int, they have ranked 50 cities which are actually the strongest to attract high potential brilliant women start-ups.

These 50 countries ranked the most scaling women a total breakthrough of $1-million has been recorded in annual revenue. The records are based on access to capital, technology, talent, culture, and markets.

Female start-ups in London are still caught up by the cost of living and access to capital. The recent Rose Reviews 1 out of three entrepreneurs are female in Britain a visible gender gap. And it has been seen women are starting businesses with half of the capital compared to men entrepreneurs in the great land of Britain.

By filling the gender gap women will be able to start businesses with new ideas which will help the economy grow more efficiently and will increase the country’s GDP.

Created on the results from its Women Entrepreneur Cities Index, Dell has called on city leaders and policymakers to take action to boost female entrepreneurship through actions. “When we invest in women, we invest in the future,” says Karen Quintos, chief customer officer at Dell Technologies. “Communities prosper, economies thrive and the next generation leads with purpose.”