Like feeding ourselves our skin needs food too. If it didn’t get nourished perfectly it starts ageing and other skin problems will rouse and no one wants to have those prickly problems for their skin. As you woke up daily you took bath using the best shampoo and conditioner and to tone your skin you use products for your skin you dress up good before going to your workplace, done with your makeup now what? Do you ever think about how these products are manufactured? What kind of material is in the product? Chemicals? Harmful steroids? And then what guess you lose all health of your skin because there is nothing natural. Instead of using these chemicals for your skin you should try on some natural products which are gentle to your skin and make your skin steroids free and trust me you will have healthier skin in the end.

In the start of July this year the great singing star of Pakistan Komal Rizvi launched her skincare line at an event in Karachi along with other stars as well. Many other renowned Makeup Artists as Mona J and others. Stars like Zara Noor abbas, Yasir Husain, Momal Sheikh, and other personalities were spotted at Dolmen Mall.
In a statement, Komal Rizvi described her products in a sober way that all the products are carefully designed in Spain and most important for the Asian skin especially. The products include A whitening moisturizing cream, a sunblock, glow serum. As she highlighted her thoughts about launching the brand the star said ‘I want to serve European quality in Asia to bring the standard quality products in Pakistan I visited chemists in Canada, my main purpose behind introducing the range is that everyone will be possible to have these products I want to provide quality products in affordable price’.
And she also describes how the product line works, the products are chemical-free the moisturizing cream hydrates the skin, an anti-ageing product, and the sunblock protects from sunburn and suntan prevents toxicity.