Kim Kardashian mom-shamed for allowing her daughter to make inappropriate fashion choices

The Kardashians celebrated the birthday of their grandmother Mary Jo who turned 85 this year. Kim Kardashian posted a picture at Instagram of the event. The picture caused an uproar among her fans because Kim Kardashian’s daughter who is six years old was wearing a nose pin.

In the picture Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were with Kim Kardashians’ eldest daughter North, she even captioned the picture as fake nose pin alert, but somehow it triggered the fan.

Although the picture seemed okay at first but later on the fans went crazy due to Kim’s lack of concern for her daughter’s choices.

Not to forget this isn’t the first time that the little kid is subjected to controversies like this. Once she visited a church and was seen wearing black lipstick.

A lot of time North was seen wearing inappropriate clothes, she should not be wearing such clothes in her age because of that her mom Kim Kardashian has been mother shamed that she shows no concern over her child.

Kim Kardashian said that she knows about her girl’s interest in makeup and fashion and that over the weekend some of her friends were over and they were playing and giving each other makeovers that’s when she realized that her little daughter likes makeup and thought now whenever she receives makeup stuff from different companies she is going to give her some.