Blackpink fans are angry over KFC China’s new commercial ad which they have found humiliating.

As reported by the fans KFC China’s new food ad is known to be the copy of Blackpink’s DDU DDU DDU MV. Recently KFC China launched its new drink ‘Queen Mojito’ and after releasing its video on Youtube people have found this so wrong to copy anyone else video and make their new kind of ad.

Some of the pictures are taken from the ad video and is probably the same as the idols MV. Blinks(Blackpink fans) has asked KFC about this matter but KFC is still keeping its silence.

This picture looks like a scene from the MV where jenny was playing chess a total plagiarised content.

This is a scene from the track’s MV where you can see jenny playing chess, with her hand supporting her head and with a pink background.

Here you can see Blackpink’s jenny standing on the chess staircase wearing a crown, originally from track’s MV. And behind jenny, there is a diamond shape chair later in the video you can see jenny sitting on the chair.

As you can see this scene too, the model in the ad video is sitting on a crown shape chair too, here you can say this one is also copied.

Here Lisa another member of Blackpink is holding a light stick and in the background, you can see the chalkboard.

And here a similar scene too copied from the MV, the model in the ad is standing in front of the chalkboard with some words written on it.

The whole ad is a copied content from Blackpink’s original and haven’t claimed any copyrights. See the MV and the commercial video yourself only the BG music is different on the other side the whole theme is copied

DDU DDU original MV, Blackpink
KFC China ‘Queen Mojito’ ad