Jeon Mi-Seon south Korean actress found dead in hotel room
Jeon Mi-Seon south Korean actress found dead in hotel room

Jeon Mi-Seon who is a South Korean artist and is 48 years old is found deceased in her guesthouse room. She was found deceased at noon in a guesthouse in Jeonju on Saturday.

Her supervisor informed in the police department that the actress is lost for two days. He told that the actress was unhappy and suffering from depression. Other broadcasting stations described that the artist was found hanged in the guestroom’s bath.

Forces have stated her dead but have not confirmed the cause of death. The police are investigating this case thinking that it was a suicide attempt. The police reported that no signs of disruption or murder could be seen in the room where the occurrence took place. As reported by a bulletin agency, the police stated that the actress Jeon Mi Seon had been very unhappy due to a recent passing in the household also her mother had been ill.

The artist was well known for her performances in various television dramas such as The Moon Embracing The Sun, Recently she was seen in t.v series such as he is psychometric. Jeon Mi forthcoming drama the king’s letter is said to be released in July.

The actress was planned to perform in a  playhouse but it was canceled after hearing the news of her death. A thorough inspection of her passing is in process