Iqra Aziz got proposed at Lux Style Awards 2019
Iqra Aziz got proposed at Lux Style Awards 2019

The news is confirmed and spread by various Television stars that Iqra Aziz got proposed at the lux style awards 2019 by Yasir Nawaz.

 It is not confirmed when it happened at the event but a video has gone viral in which both the actors are snuggling each other after the actress said yes.

Yasir can be seen proposing Iqra in the video in an exclusive way. The actor asked the actress that if she would marry him and continuing that she should say yes else it would be embarrassing. “Would you marry me?”. “Say yes, otherwise it would be very insulting” were the exact words of the actor. Unexpectedly after the actor proposed Iqra said YES.

The actors received many critics for revealing their relationship to the public also on how openly they displayed their love. It hit the internet like a storm. Meanwhile, a great number of followers sent their goodwill to the actors and also were encouraged of their appearance.

The companions have been public about their fondness towards one another and reached together at the lux style awards event in flattering clothes looking rather stunning.