Iqra Aziz criticizes Mohsin Abbas for Physical Assualt towards his wife

The concern entertaining industry is showing over Mohsin Abbas matter is hugely increasing. The issue has taken the internet by the storm. More and more personalities are raising their voice concerning the issue of physical attack.

Iqra Aziz recently lashed out at the issue of physical assault. She shamed Mohsin abbas Haider for physically assaulting his wife Fatima Sohail.

She posted an Instagram story in which she indirectly addresses Mohsin Abbas and says that spending a long time in the gym doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t make you a man.

 She further added that building one’s body might make them a man but what bans them from being one is raising their hand on women.

She also added that we don’t want to hear his side of the story we are not interested and that we also don’t want to know what was on his mind when he hit his wife.