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I had been fighting for 3 years for my own big battle: Khadija Siddiqi become a barrister

Pakistani law student which was stabbed 23 times, she was stabbed dawn light in Lahore the victim bravely survived, and she now is a barrister. Khadija has successfully passed 12 exanimation from City Law School London.

Khadija Siddiqi has now legitimately become a lawyer. The university confirmed to The News that Khadija Siddiqi has received an overall “very capable” grade. Her graduation ceremony for a “call to the bar” will be held at the Lincoln’s Inn in October this year.

Khadija completed her Law degree from Blackstone School of Law (University of London) and came to study in the UK in September 2018. On 22nd January 2019 whereas giving the strong and traumatic bar exams she had to return to Pakistan to attend her final hearing in the Supreme Court, which was obvious in her goodwill and lastly closed her fight of three years.

She stated that she was pleased to have passed all her bar examinations. Herself being a student at City Law School was a great experience. It was great knowing people from all over the world.

All the teachers were kind and helpful in all means. I have a few debates at several universities and worked as the youth ambassador for PTS foundation UK. London is a diverse city and gave me a lot of room to experience different cultures.

Khadija stated about returning to Pakistan where she will practice as a lawyer after a call to the bar at Lincolns Inn.

She shared her mindful thoughts about bringing reforms in the judicial sector, she stated “As I always said the plan is to work and strive for the people of Pakistan. I hope and pray to ALLAH gives me the determination and strength to give a voice to the voiceless and bring about judicial reforms in the near future.”

She said I had been fighting for 3 years for my own big battle. I remember when I was called by my lawyer Barrister Salman Safdar who told me that my case was fixed for 23rd January.

He said that the case could be heard in my absence too if it was getting hard to come back midway bar course. But someplace deep in my heart, I knew that all hopes were hanging upon my case, how they were willingly waiting for justice to be served.

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