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Get It Girl: This platform provides a chronicle viewpoint of society about women

Get It Girl is a radio show broadcasted on weekends on 12pm-3pm on Eldos FM and their main focuses are women and young girls.

The special life is hosted by 3 of the gorgeous ladies Savannah Job, Nazneem Vries and Natalie Jackson who has actually won the space in women’s heart. The show actually let women speak of their fears in dialogues it is actually empowering, bold and thought-arousing.

Due to a number of women and girls falling target to enemies in Eldorado Park, Get it Girl pursues to provide the auditor with other ways of impending life that put them in a better position for flexibility and achievement.

Vries, who is originally from the Free State, has been in the radio industry for over a year. “GIG is based on creating a platform for women to be bare to alternative ways of thinking about life, relationships, career, money, and health.

Many of our youngsters generally have not been armed with or uncovered to tools that help them steer through different aspects of life as effectively as possible, so that is the aim of our show.

The guests we have on our show are always people who are trying to change the chronicle and viewpoint of a society built on our subjects,” said Vries.

“Radio was never on the cards for me. Soon after matric, I went on to study Psychology and graduated. But I guess I missed all the cues in life that my purpose actually involves my voice,” said Natalie Jackson.

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