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When we talk about red carpet events every celebrity wants to look fabulous and here is Melanie Grant make all the personalities look aesthetic. Celebrities are turning towards the beautician who belongs to Australia. She is one big hand behind the fresh-looks of Victoria’s famous models. Including Kim Kardashian, Nicole Trunfio they all had a super magic facial at Melanie’s. She has always been an at expert skincare person at Chanel launches her new location at West Hollywood. Her Red carpet treatment is called as ‘Camera Ready Facial’ which is a flawless treatment for fair complexion.

As she mentioned Los Angeles is the project I’ve dreamed for a very long time, she wants to offer Australian beauty on an international platform where she can embrace the beauty culture. And if we mentioned in the context of business she stated we have a good customer line here and having a studio in LA is the best thing I can ever define. A midpoint between Paris, Melbourne, and Sydney where I’ve to spend most of my life.

When talking about skincare she shared her thoughts about the trend of having a natural and healthy skin if we see deeply priorities are almost the same in Hollywood and Paris. She defined the difference between being looking pretty and beauty products as she mentioned she would prefer a sunscreen daily instead of beauty foundation because we let out the fake and our real is always inside.

We will see more developments in beauty products and more new ideas as she said as I can see diet and exercise is also playing an important role in being beautiful today. In your 20s and 30, you should prevent other harmful products which will harm your skin and It is the best time in which you can build up your skin it is much better to take care of your skin in 20s instead of resolving skin issues in your 40s this will be much hectic. Well, she recommends using UVA and UVB as she mentioned it as her very first beauty product to use.

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