Four women are attacked by a suspected rapist in 11 days

The forces have warned the women to remain cautious and careful. The forces are investigating the case where a man is suspected to have raped four women in eleven days.

It is stated by the police that the suspect followed each of the four women separately and robbed them but before robbing them the suspect raped or attempted to rape those women.

Each of this incident is expected to be linked because after every incident the suspect fled away from the scene. These incidents took place between July 1st and 11th July in London.

The first incident took place n 1st July in Plaistow south area when a man attacked a woman who was alone. The woman was 35-years-old she was attacked from behind. The man allegedly stole her property after raping her.

The second incident took place near Layton underground station after 5 days on 6th July when a woman was robbed by a man also it was reported that the man tried to sexually abuse that woman.

The third incident took place after an hour of the second incident in Waltham forest. Like other incidents this incident was also similar to the two before a man raped a woman who is 31-years-old and after that stole her stuff.

In the fourth incident that took place in Central Park Road East Ham, the forces were called and a 31-year-old woman told them that a man followed her and then tried to rape her and stole her belongings. The four cases are oddly similar and due to these similarities, the forces think that these incidents might be somehow linked.

The victims are being protected by the police also the areas have high security where these four incidents took place.

On Monday the forces released a video which showed that a man was walking down the street where the incident took place, the forces would like to trace him so that they can talk to him and carry out further investigation.

The investigation continues to progress at a pace and while my team is following a number of lines of inquiry, we are still keen to hear from the public.

‘The footage and images that have been issued give a pretty clear picture of the man we are looking to trace. I would ask anyone who recognizes him or who has information that could assist our investigation get in contact immediately’. Said Detective Chief Ann-Marie Waller