Fatima Sohail accuses husband Mohsin abbas of abuse

The wife of Mohsin Abbas, Fatima shared her story of how her husband treated her after she caught him cheating. She told that after she confronted him of cheating, he was not ashamed rather he started beating her brutally.

She told that on Nov 26th, 2018 I caught my husband cheating on me and confronted him of cheating but he was not ashamed nor embarrassed. She told that Mohsin started beating her brutally after he was confronted not to forget that Fatima was expecting at that time.

She narrated that her husband pulled her from hair dragged her kicked and stamped her and threw her at the wall. She said that she was cruelly beaten by her husband who was her caretaker. She further told that she was so shocked that she didn’t inform her family but a friend who took her to the hospital where the doctor refused to check her up stating it was a police case.

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Posted by Fatima Sohail on Saturday, July 20, 2019

She told that she needed time to think about what happened and not to file a complaint. After that, she got her ultrasound where she found that the baby was not harmed and safe. She told that she decided that she should make her marriage work for her son.

On 20th may she was blessed by a boy. She said she had to undergo surgery and while she was in operation in Lahore, Mohsin her husband was in Karachi with his girlfriend who is an evolving model, Nazish Jehangir. She told he later posted depressing statuses to gain public attention and sympathy.

She further told he visited her after 2 days only to take pictures with the little boy that too in order to gain publicity. She told that on 17th July she went to Mohsin at his place and asked him to take care of the son and be responsible for him but he started beating her again and refused to take any responsibility.

She further told that she has had enough she is going to take stand for herself and no societal pressure can stop her from doing so because no one else will take stand for her but herself.

She told that she has no idea how she is going to raise the little child but she believes that Allah will help her. She also attached photos of her injured self.