The very first women to receive VB AI award, US

Women in the middle east are not seen doing enough for their state or they never had a chance to appear in the world’s chart but as seen for past few years middle east women especially Saudi women are appearing in the list of leading women around the globe.

As not so many know about a Saudi women Dr Fatmah Baothman, she is the first middle east women to uphold a PhD degree in Artificial intelligence. As being a middle east woman and holding a degree in such a substantial area is a proud symbol and is such an empowering step for every single woman of the middle east.

Dr Fatmah is honoured to receive the first-ever Women AI award in VB AI Summit Transform 2019, in San Francisco. According to the news Dr Fatmah was awarded under the category AI research, means she has made a significant impact on the AI industry and her research left a mark on the industry.

VB AI women awards are categorized into rethinking process, policy, technology, and education as AI advances by time. She has helped her organization making progress in AI which has to lead her winning such a great award.

Dr Fatmah presented her gratitude towards receiving such a noble award as she said it is a symbol of recognition for women globally. She had also thanked King Salman’s and Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman for supporting her and influencing the growth of education among Kingdom’s women.

Along with the positive support from Saudi men towards women empowerment she has also enlighten the importance of AI and how it will change Saudi Arab till 2030.

Spotting a life on Dr Fatmah she was born in Jeddah and started her journey as a student at the University of Arizona where she was studying the English language. At that time she was interacted towards computer sciences from there she decided to step on the road to AI, she decided to get enrolled in the PhD for Artificial intelligence from the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddesfield UK.