Disha Patani shares fitness tips and tricks
(Photo by Prodip Guha/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Disha Patani the Bollywood actress who is considered one of the fitness diva in the industry and also the one who is praised by everyone for a flawless physique has shared some of her fitness tips and tricks.

The 27-year-old actress while sharing her tips and tricks so that people can get in the same shape as her she worried on the people who want to look fit and slim and said that they should focus of eating healthy and not starve themselves.

She said that there is a clear difference between starving and eating healthy and that she has always chosen healthier options. Moreover, she added that 90 percent of the time how we look depends on what we eat. She said if she’s not eating right no matter how long she trains for she won’t improve. She also said that she loves sweet things and that she also east them once a week as her heart permits.

She further added that “ when she came back from the filming she had to start over again from the basics. If you don’t achieve a split you need to stretch every day if you don’t you lose it.

The actor is said to be never seen missing a workout and most the time she is found in the gym to stay fit.