Ariana Grande raises awareness against Marcus Hyde misconduct claims

Ariana Grande the renowned American vocalist has approached the uprising models with a note to alert them so that they can protect their own selves. She said that they have to be aware of photographers if they make the models feel awkward in any sort.

On her Instagram, she talked about the famous photographer Marcus Hyde concerning the current controversies about him. The photographer is blamed by a model Sunaya. Sunnaya claimed that the photographer was trying to pay her for nude pictures.

Ariana said on Instagram that “ dear models/artists in LA / anywhere,”

She said that have quite recently read some stunning and extremely terrible stories and that she hates hate to say it that this is even a discussion. Moreover, she is trying to aware the models that kindly don’t shoot with photographers who make them awkward or make them have a feeling that they have to take your attire off if you would prefer not to.

She added that If you would prefer to, that is sick, but if you don’t please don’t. furthermore, she said that if they tell you that you have to pay more money if you’re wearing clothes then that’s f–ked and I’m sorry that has happened to you. I guarantee there are such huge numbers of aware, decent, skilled photographers out there,” she proceeded.

She continued that she hates hearing about this and also if anyone has to go through this and encounter something like this.

Prior, Sunnaya who is an LA-based model had posted SS of her chat with Marcus where he had requested nude photographs of the model in return for a free photoshoot.