Actress Zaira Waseem decided to leave Bollywood
(Photo by Waseem Gashroo/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Zaira Waseem of ‘Dangal’ fame quit Bollywood because she thought that her work interferes with her religious conviction and belief. The 18-year-old star announced through social media about her quitting the industry.

She wrote that when she was in this industry she gained fame and respect. She was the public figure who is recognized by the public. She said that she was known as the role model for youth.

Zaira stated: “After a very long time, I started to realize that though I gain fame and success through this platform and I tried hard to adjust in this industry but now I realize that I don’t belong here. This is not what I want.

Furthermore, she said that though this work of mine gave me a lot of honor, popularity but because of this I disregarded my religious conviction. My connection with my religion was susceptible because of this work. All the blessings vanished from my life.

She additionally said that she was struggling with her soul. She said that I was constantly trying to fix the picture of my faith in my brain but I failed. I always feel that what I am doing is not right I kept delaying by trying to deceive my morality one day I will put an end to it.

She said that this is my first step towards the path I wish to be on. My advice to people and all my supporters is that never compromise on your religion no matter what you achieve your soul is at peace when you are following your religious convictions. The star Zaira Waseem also appeared in the ‘Secret Superstar’ and actress may also be appearing in the upcoming movie of Priyanka Chopra ‘the sky is pink’.