Photo by Qamar Sibtain

Mumbai court today: Bollywood star Koena Mitra has been charged by the court for the cheque bouncing case. As reported she has been sentenced to six-month jail in July. As the thing began when she borrowed 22 lakh from Poonam Sethi in 2013 and Koena was unable to pay the loan. In 2013 Koena paid a cheque of 3 lakh to Poonam but it was denied by the Bank reporting the cheque was false and asked Koena to repay the loan along with 1.64 lakh interest.

The actress claimed that the cheque she offered was stolen and she had nothing to do with it but the court sentence her arguments as false. According to Koena, she had been framed for some other purposes. In 2013 October Poonam filed a legal charge against Koena not giving her money back and it becomes a court thing.