A Nigerian girl made a laundry-folding robot at the age of 12

A 12-year-old girl from Nigeria, Fatiha Abdullahi has made a robot that can fold clothes in 3 seconds. For now, this just may be the prototype but Fatiha plans to sell the product in the Nigerian market later on and if the product turns out to be a success she might sell the product internationally.

It’s been only a few years that she has been coding and yet she achieved something so innovating at such a young age. It s a big achievement for her as she has a strong grip on coding and has actually put some of her knowledge to use.

According to the young girl, this is something that needed to be done as after laundry there are a lot of clothes that need to be folded so she has solved the problem.

This product is cheaper and faster than the ones already in the market and this is what that makes this product look different from others. In this device, the function wasn’t the one that made the device different from others but the approach the little girl used.

While talking to Reuters, she told how she made it.  She said “ I made it using pins, some beams, and an Ev3 brick”

A similar machine called foldimate was presented at CSE 2019, it was also for the same job but it folded clothes in about 5 seconds also it is only folded short-range clothes and not all types of clothes can be folded. If we compare foldimate to Fatiha’s robot the foldimate is quite expensive and inaccessible.