A little girl raped and murdered in naudero, Karachi
(Photo by Leemage/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

On Wednesday a little girl was apparently raped and then murdered near a police station in Karachi. The body was later found by family members and villagers with the help of the police. After searching straight for 12 hours the body was found packed in a sandbag from a guava orchard near naudero police station.

The girl was only 10-years-old and was from a village that was 5km away from naudero. The girl left her home located in Moraya faqeer to buy some milk from a place nearby but she did not return that’s when her family got worried and started searching for her.

The suspect at the moment is a guy named Shiraz Morio he was alone at his home with his father Akbar Morio who is blind. The rest of the family members of Shiraz were at a funeral. The little girl’s family started searching for her and asked Shairaz about her, Shiraz denied the girls presence when he was asked about her said the police.

The officials said that the girl’s body was found in a sand bang from a place at about 1 km away from the village. The head of the police station of naudero confirmed this.

The girls body was shifted the to hospital in naudero, after the postpartum of the body it was handed back to the girls family. As the news about the girl’s rape and murder spread the are both the suspects Hashim and shiraz fled away from the village along with their families.

The lady doctor said that chemical samples have been sent to the laboratory also she said she was not sure that if the little girl was raped before her murder or after.

The girl’s brother Mohammad Yaqoob said that they had nothing against the suspects family and the suspect also had nothing against them he further said that they used to buy milk from the suspects family from years now.

A local PPP leader said that these kind of incidents are not normal in this area and that he had never heard of such an incident before in this area. Mohammad Mirani further said that the police is effectively working on it. He also said that this is not a blind murder and that they will find the culprit soon.

He added that naudero is a PPP stronghold and this kind of murder will not be tolerated. Naudero is a hometown of PPP and Bilawal butto and Faryal Talpur.