Home World A 69-year-old woman found dead in the parking lot- Pasadena

A 69-year-old woman found dead in the parking lot- Pasadena

On Sunday afternoon the police said that a woman who’s reportedly 69 years old was beaten to death in a parking lot. The investigation was started right after.

The authorities stated that it seemed that the woman was assaulted. They found the woman unresponsive and stated her dead at around 3 p.m. in the parking lot. They declined to share more information about the injuries the woman received because of the ongoing investigation.

It was stated by the police that it was a murder while the investigation is still in early stages. The authorities said that they will not leave anything out of the investigation.

They said that the woman body was believed to be in the parking lot for a couple of hours before it was found by someone passing through.

The police called the homicide department for further investigation so that it could be carried out in detail. No other information is available

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