A 4-year-old boy claims that he is Princess Diana's reincarnation
A 4-year-old boy claims that he is Princess Diana's reincarnation

A little boy claimed that he is Lady Diana’s rebirth. The boy startled the world after his gibberish talk and he’s been in the eye of people since then. This event took place in Australia

Billy Campbell is 4 years old. He is the son of an Australian singer named David Campbell. The little boy made the ridiculous claim and was quoted by a famous UK media report.

It was reported that his father said that when his son was two years old he pointed at the picture of the princess on a card and said look it’s me the princess.

The boy shocked his family, even more, when he started telling little details about princess life even though he had no knowledge about her.

It is also reported that the little boy called Prince Harry and Prince Williams as his sons or termed them both as the boys

The father was shocked when his son mentioned princess Diana’s brother john because john died a few hours after he was born.

The author of searching point Peter said that it is quite possible that the little boy is somehow connected to the princess and that these reincarnations usually happen if there is a reason behind it or something left over.

Peter also said if the boy can actually see the Princess memories it can help in revealing her tragic death and we can know more about the accident.