760 Saudi women recruited for passport work training

In Saudi Arab, they’ve recruited about 760 Saudi women, who will be trained as passport officials who will further perform various different tasks to serve the visitors or people who go to Saudia for pilgrimage.

The women have begun their second course of training on Monday, the training took place at the training centers of Riyadh, Makkah, Madina and eastern province in Jawazat also known as directorate general of passport.

It was said by the director of the center, Brig. Saleh al Muraba that this is a two-week training, this training will determine which of the female passport official qualified to be part of the team. This training will serve as a qualifying basis for the female passport staff in the center.

He said that all the female staff members will be thoroughly trained. The training will teach them the skill on how to deal with people, it will also train them on various passport related issues such as fining forged documents, a clear examination of the documents, also some aspects of military and security culture system will be taught.

He further said that once they’re done with this training session they will move on to the advanced training course and will be further trained into electronic passport system with the help of National Information Center.

Moreover, he added that such training is necessary and training on modern technology are really important for the staff in the passport office.