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Women brutally murdered in Australia: Gender power is a serious issue, not a crisis

Abusive brutality against women in Australia is visibly increasing and this is a serious issue against human right. Every year hundreds of women are brutally killed in Australia by their male partners.

According to the death count, 32 women up till now in 2019 has been killed in Australia out of which 27 are murdered by their husbands and known males, and remaining by female suspects.

Australia is a dangerous country considered for women. Relationship violence is a common thing now.

Besides this hundred of women and children are hospitalized yearly after cruel physical violence by their husbands and fathers. And this thing is growing with the rocket speed.

A dead body of an unnamed woman was found at her house by the city cops and a 33-year-old man was arrested at the spot and he was known to the woman and he has been charged with murder. A yearly rough estimate of 75% of women murdered by her known male partner.

Destroy The Joint and Counting Dead Women Australia, is an active group which is struggling to bring attention towards the women who has terribly lost their lives and bringing much to do to help stop the physical violence against women.
Not only this, more women have suffered sexual cruelty reported by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. This thing is still under consideration why men keep on killing their wives and women brutally the attitude towards women in Australia is way behind the world. The country must admit why women are treated this way.

An unnamed woman 63, Megan Kirley 40, Tamara Farrell 31, Marjorie Welsh 92, An unnamed woman 76, Qin Wang 57, Preethi Reddy 32, Gabriella Thompson 27, Caris Dann 30. These are the name of some women who lost their lives and were physically torched by their male partners. One woman per week is found dead in Australia. If people think Australia is the safest place for women to grow up, it’s their bad.

A social work expert from the University of Sydney, Associate Prof Ruth Phillips said ‘It is a serious issue, not a disaster, it is more of a gender supremacy issue for past few years in Australia’

The women of Australia need to take a step and should come in front to stop the violent actions and remove gender power. They should help Destroy The Joint and Counting Dead Women Australia to protect them from brutal men.

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