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The stirring story behind UberKate: Kate Sutton rousing women today

Women of this century have proven herself to be very innovative and actively taking part in entrepreneurship. Women from all the world are known to be the most hardworking species. What’s cooler than knowing a woman who is actually a sign of excellence and her hard work inspire others. Among all those women Kate Sutton is one shining star who has actually grown her image globally.
Kate was one of the women from the whole who on the right time recognized herself and her passion. She was a journalist and never knew out of the blue she will be an entrepreneur. She keeps growing her childhood hobby of jewellery making at home and started the business. She designed her first Ubercircles when she was pregnant for the very first time she handcrafted set of three Ubercircles for her name, her husband’s name and kept one for her baby’s name.
She kept the necklace when they are far apart. She for the first time noticed her passion and her perfection for handcrafted jewellery and foremost her husband supported her. She made few Ubercircles for her friends and then she realized the gap in the market back then in 2003, word entrepreneurship wasn’t that common and she never knew she could be this much famous globally.
At her garage, she used to craft jewellery when she was alone she finds peace in making people happy and keeping their loved ones near them even after being apart. She started her own website where she decided to sell her Ubercircles and in 2005 they actually became a part of this growing market and now they have 10 years collection. Kate named her business as ‘UberKate’.

Because of her good community, her friends helped a lot but back in 2003 in Australia people were uncomfortable to buy things online so she had a fear, what if they didn’t grow more? But her hard work brings something to her. Kate and her husband were working for the same TV channel and they both were out of the jobs with their first newborn quiet hectic though.
Without even commercial efforts she launched her very first signature Ubercircles which was incredibly amazing and after her first launch, she’s enjoying streams of success and wonders even after 15 years of her business.

Updated on Uberkate website the couple their inspiring story of their journey as Kate said ‘We started making heirlooms in our Sydney Studio in 2003 and from our simple beginnings we now travel the globe sourcing and crafting rings, earrings, cuffs, bangles and pendants from gemstones, sterling silver, and solid yellow, rose and white gold’
‘We are original, we are handcrafted, and my family hand makes heirlooms for your family’
I wasn’t inspired by a design or something else I had seen, the passion of our designs came from the heart and very soul. Kate today is an inspiring example for all the women working around the globe. Every women’s soul is inspiring and motivating and so we all can make this world a happy place to live by caring for what’s others happiness.

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