Smokeless stove program help Pakistan to win world habitat award

Heritage Foundation of Pakistan announces the winner of world habitat medal for the year 2018. In recently held UN habitat world convention they show the trophy. The new program of smokeless stove helps the village women to become a successful entrepreneur. This program gives chance to female to boost the quality of life & to fulfill their basics needs.

A trophy for WH award was given to Yasmeen Lari by the CEO of world habitat, David Ireland who brought the trophy to Pakistan. Yasmeen Lari is the CEO of the heritage organization of Pakistan. The award was given to Yasmeen Lari during the international conference on the green supportable framework at zero carbon culture center in the territory of Makli world convention.

Pakistan chapter of the INTBAU & global and world habitat arranged an event for November. Thousand of Pakistan Chulah makers who belong to different villages will be present along with different national and international envoys from around the world to commemorate the distinguishable award.

The WH award advisory group applaud the smokeless smoke project. This incredible project changing the kitchen from a dirty place to clean place. The smokeless stove is self-built Pakistan stove which has zero carbon. This tremendous stove was created by over 50,000 village females of lower & upper Sindh.

The stove is incredible because it requires no bio-mass or wood for cooking. The stove is free from smoke and fuel efficient requiring only cow dung briquettes for fuel.