Sana Javed seems to play a strong role in GEO entertainment: Dar Khuda Se
Sana Javed seems to play a strong role in GEO entertainment: Dar Khuda Se

Pakistani drama Industry is growing for the past few years and has improved a lot in many ways. Now Pakistani directors find the best way to entertain the audience.

Real life stories and some issues from societies they had been a role model for Pakistani drama industry. Many of the new faces in the industries are doing well like Mahira Khan, Sana Javed, Mawra Hocaine, Maya khan are the shining bright stars of today’s industry.

Not all of the actresses can play a difficult role only a few are countable. Among all the bright women Sara Javed has seen as playing strong roles in many hits. She has been cast in the new hit of GEO entertainment ‘Dar Khuda Se’ which aired last Tuesday and the second episode is scheduled today.

As seen in the trailer of the drama Sana Javed is playing the role of a middle-class family girl who is the only hope for her family, faces some sexual harassment while being a working woman. And her boss Imran Abbas is a flirtatious man, married to an old woman just for her wealth.

He kept his eye on every woman. But as we all know women in Pakistan cannot speak for their problems and can not even take actions for authorities harassing them but this tv serial is totally opposite in this context.
Sana Javed (Afreen) was harassed at her workplace by Imran Abbas (Shahvaiz) he kept on doing bad things to her. She didn’t sit quietly as a bold woman she took serious actions towards her boss and fought back actively.
For today’s women, this act can be considered empowering because it gives strength to those women who are actually supporting their families and working by bearing a lot of sexual harassment.

This tv serial is quite different in many ways, as seen before a woman harassed at her workplace simply quits or suicide for being treated badly but Dar Khuda Se gives a moral lesson to all the women working outside their homes it teaches us women can actually speak for their right sitting quietly isn’t a solution.

Sana Javed played her role well in the serial and fits in the character and it is actually good for her career growth the more strong roles she will play the more she will shine brighter.