Home Entertainment Nadia Jamil refuses to endorse whitening brand fair & lovely

Nadia Jamil refuses to endorse whitening brand fair & lovely

Artist Nadia Jamil as of late showed up in the 100th episode of “Rewind with Samina Peerzada.” During the meeting, Nadia talked her heart out. But directly after the show ended Nadia got to know that whitening cream brand, fair & lovely supported this show.

In an ongoing event, Nadia took to an online networking medium to explain that she doesn’t support any sort of brands.

Nadia Jamil composed on her FB page that: “In spite of the fact that I have profound respect for Samina Peerzada and adore her a lot, but I announce openly that I remove myself from the intolerable supremacist brand, fair lovely.

She added: “I had no clue they supported the meeting I have documented. I can’t and don’t recommend the requirement for any lady to help her skin to look beautiful. A lady’s dark skin is her prettiness. She should wear it with arrogance & love! Indeed, we ladies come in various hues, dimensions, forms, & personas. Manage its world.”

Aside from this, Nadia asked everybody to regard them all. “Quit letting us know what our standard for prettiness should be. We are for the most part wonderful. Prejudice ought not to be supported. Body disgracing ought not to be supported.

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