Lauren Crystal and the 5 rules: Victorian small business award winner
Lauren Crystal and the 5 rules: Victorian small business award winner

Lauren Crystal, Co-Founder, and Managing Director, Your Creative won the Victorian small business award 2019. From the very start, she has been a competitive woman working all day long keeping her personal life aside.

You have to make your efforts a priority rather than keeping other things with you. Lauren always stated that being successful isn’t an easy job to do it’s a hard run where you have to set your goals, a little training, and a clear path so that you may face fewer hurdles.

Starting a business is a hardcore thing you can not say you will be at ease don’t expect too much from it. I noticed some problems in the health care sector and I tried to fix them because I always believe I am a problem solver from the start.

Keeping your business on the right path isn’t a straight forward thing one has to face a lot and when you have not settled any goals you can never stand in the market. She always recommends others to start from scratch and see where the business is lacking. She teaches 4 rules which can really help balance your business.

First, before doing anything go buy ‘Simon Senek’s book Start with Why’ for yourself it is a rocket which everyone needs in their life. Spend some time with yourself away from the business and take a deep breath and examine what you are doing and why remember the motivational speech you heard before taking steps it will be more beneficial.

Second, you have to scarify your comfort time, not this but you have to give up on your comfort zone. Think deeply what’s blocking your path, what’s distracting you what’s the reason you can not pay attention to your work. Make your business the very first priority. Then you will have a clear way to notice your problems and solve them with good intentions.

Third, without setting goals you can never receive a good response to establish yourself set mini goals those are easily achievable. What’s better than a handwritten list which is on the top of your desk telling you what you actually have to do.

Forth, seek ideas from others, build up your team listen to them so that you have a bunch of ideas and solutions. Podcasting is a way which speeds up your qualities a lot. Well, Lauren loves to communicate with others from different industries she believes she can learn a lot with different people.

Fifth, review your teams, set meetups with the leadership staff so that you can learn what they are doing, what are their objectives and what outcomes you will have. Ensure them their best performance and motivate them. Keep in touch with them to arrange weekly meetings so that you can convey your message to them clearly.