For the past few years, Pakistani women have been seen stepping forward in the world of entrepreneurship. Women of Punjab has been seen as the core of being an independent earner. Though they earn very less comparatively than men still they had step up in competition with men. As in Pakistan instead of working in the offices, women are taking a part in Police, Air Force, Navy, Army and even in the Bomb disposal Squad.

So far, Kashmiri women, on the other hand, are actively taking part in the entrepreneurial era and their steps are spreading much farther than we thought. But still due to the imperfection of governmental acts, lack of business schools and lack of interest of training women to set their own business and help grow the economy.

Chamber of commerce do not bother to introduce women in the organizations as an active species who can bring change in the trends but still, there are many motivating and inspiring personalities exists in the state which is actually empowering women to change the trend.

Institutions, as well as the government, are actually not using all the resources which can help the women groom their selves. To grow this trend in Kashmir chamber of commerce and government should introduce helping hand to train women in different sectors.

Generate appropriate policies of networking, workshops and keen knowledge of marketing so that the women of Kashmir can step forward and create their own community. Develop incubation centers, and consider them in half of the productive population so that they feel motivated to take positive actions.