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Women to be the mechanic/repairer of their own car Piston and Pixie dust classes

How about going to a mechanic shop for repairing your car and you don’t even know about it? How does it sound that your car broke out on a journey and you even don’t know what to do next? Yes, this is the problem being faced by women only. As they are not supposed to be well equipped with the car/vehicle knowledge.

So, you must be facing hard time to find someone to fix your car. Or the one to whom you can trust. Or there are chances that you want to buy a used car but you don’t know about its minute details as you want to mechanically inspect it before buying.

Sometimes you even don’t know that why your mechanic is taking much time to repair or fix something. And why certain repair is necessary.

Do you wish that your mechanic was a woman? So, it’s time to relax as now you’ll be getting a female mechanic. Or you can be the one, well equipped with the core workings of vehicles. A car repair shop in Texas- San Antonio is offering the opportunity for women to learn basics of car maintenance and repair called Pistons and Pixie Dust.. Just a women need is to creep under the hood. knot up the long hair with no daggling jewellery. And yes of course, a dress to get dirty.

KSAT notified that the repair shop will be giving classes to women which can be described as a chance for women to be called a more educated vehicle owner. All the necessary equipment will be provided by the repair shop which includes gloves, rags and necessary tools. Or I you have your own you can bring them too. Just .the purpose is to equip women with all core workings and repair of your car.

The classes, which ensure there will be no “mans-plaining,” are instructed by ladies for ladies, KSAT detailed. It will be more of Hands on Automotive education for women.

Do you wish that you find out about your car? Go along with us for nothing, intelligent workshops that cover the greater part of the nuts and bolts: from changing your extra tire to under-hood support. Take control of your ride and spare cash by turning into a more instructed vehicle owner.

Introduction to Under hood Maintenance, Rosie, understudy, about “All’s Good Under the Hood”: states that “It’s coupled in with making and enabling an instructive space where you can compromise that you don’t know how to check your oil and no one’s going to judge you. It’s tied in with realizing where your air channel is, and how to check it, and how to transform it. It’s joined in with figuring out how to converse with a repairman so you don’t get exploited. Likewise, it’s simply cool to realize what’s happening in the engine of your ride” –

This year is to bring you classes highlighting Automotive electrical basics, Brake systems and introduction to engine building. That means you can learn all your core repairing under one umbrella. To avail this chance classes will run from April to November this year.

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