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Women in Punjab (Pakistan) breaking the taboo

Women are now getting more secured in the society. As the time is passing it has reformed the society more. Now women are given equal privilege and independence to overcome daily tasks. Naeem Sajjad is a cheerful person nowadays. Since his wife Ayesha Naeem began riding the motorbike about four months earlier. His life has excelled toward becoming a significant breeze. The women on wheels is now enjoying freedom and performing her primary tasks.

Sajid, naeem’s husband told that “I’m not so much short-tempered but rather more casual returning home from work each day. I’m not given over the rundown of things to get on my way from the office, and not even I get burdened with the things when I enter my home. Everything is done before I return!” Moreover, he said “She uses my motorcycle and I utilize the public transport, despite the fact that now and again I do catch a ride”.

Sajjad’s better half, 35-year old Ayesha Naeem, mother of four, she is cherishing all the kindness when she goes out. ”

She not only gives pick and drop to her children to and from the school and madrasah consistently but performs all her work duties by herself.

Naeem is among the few dozen in Faisalabad who enlisted themselves in the Women on Wheels (WoW) program took off by the Punjab government in five urban areas — Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Rawalpindi.

Naeem is lucky that she has broke the taboo and she takes her bike on the roads more confidently. There are number of women who couldn’t come out of their homes just because of worrying about people that how would they face the society. And they are still dependent on their male members.  

36-year-old single parent Safina Hussain, who chose to continue her investigations after her separation, regularly rides her sibling’s motorcycle to the college or to drop off the children to class. However, a significant number of her relatives have not excused her for that.

“They tell my mom that her girl, a Na’at-khwan, ought not to ride motorbikes!” Very tired of this pessimism, Hussain says individuals ought not to stress that it is un-Islamic. “My riding a motorbike wouldn’t jeopardize Islam!” she includes exasperatedly.

24-year-old Nimra Saleem, filling in as a graphic designer in a software organization in Lahore, keeps on confronting a stream of “whistles” yet stays unfazed. “It doesn’t burden me; it is inescapable in our general public and whether you are in your private auto, utilizing open transport, you should confront this the minute you go out of your home.

This is supported by Malik. He said, “In our meet up with working ladies in Lahore, those going by private vehicle confront frustration and terror notwithstanding when sitting in the comfort of their autos.” The public welcomes you with vulgar signals, especially when auto windows are moved down or no male relative is going with ladies drivers.

It is an approach to engage ladies monetarily and furnish them with a protected method of transport. “One vital viewpoint through which they can succeed is whether they are versatile.

The Global Mobility Report 2017 says transport assumes an urgent part in interfacing individuals to products, administrations, social and financial progression openings, and in cultivating improvement.

Pakistan is where ladies’ outside the house is seriously limited by both social standards and security concerns. A recent report expresses that 78% of ladies in Karachi “experienced rude behavior or felt pestered or awkward.” Pakistan is thus when ladies don’t respond to or report verbal or inappropriate behavior, it is trusted that the issue does not exist.

Alluding to their Lahore examine, senior research partner and lead creator Dr. Ammar A Malik say they found that numerous ladies were uninformed that there exists a official complaint system. Others, he stated, just had little self-confidence in the police and did not rely on anyone. This has made anxious every woman to go out. But now Punjab government in Pakistan has introduced this program to make women learn of riding a motorcycle and how to overcome public abuses being done by males of the society.

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