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Weightlifting tips for women- Don’t panic if it’s your first time!

Gym is no more a taboo for women. And these sites are not only limited to men anymore. Rather there are gyms where both the gender workout together to remain fit. Weightlifting is a part of exercise been carried out by men usually. But now it’s not limited to them only. There are number of females who are doing weight lifting as championship and some are doing it for themselves.

We’ve all been there, and you may feel that weight section is not for you because you are the only woman going to try this, or you feel shy to try it out and set back to the equipments you are aware of and used to. Weight training for women is full of myths and misconceptions. Some believe it’ll make you “too bulky” and others assume it’s a workout exclusive to men.

Kate Dale, strategic lead in This Girl Can, says one of the barriers for women into sport is the fear of judgment, worrying that they won’t be very good,” says. “Weightlifting, and the associated notion of being powerful and strong, isn’t traditionally associated with femininity. But it’s the time where women trends are changing day by day. It’s the feeling of getting strong and motivating others to come out of being known as sleek, feeble and sophisticated.

Luke Chamberlain, personal trainer at DW Fitness First says that weightlifting may make you bulky but if it’s done in combination with cardio it is one of the best ways to uphold body fat and muscle ratio. When you have more muscle mass, you burn more calories per day, which makes managing body fat easier. A training which is called as strength training, it improves heart condition and also increases bone density.

So if you’re just on initial stage or need some encouragement to get going, here are few tips for you to carry out weightlifting easily.

1. Do your research.

Mark Briant, director of Mobfit says that don’t start weight training without knowing what you’re doing first. “Some expert advice is essential,” “Poor technique when lifting weights can do more harm than good in the long run.”

Just sit n talk to your personal trainer to figure out what you want to achieve actually. They will give you best advice according to your body and health.

2. Get a training of bodyweight movements first. 

Don’t be stiff on yourself when you’re starting it. Getting things wrong is the quickest way to learn how to get it right. Bisi Adewumi, who weight trains, says “You don’t need to jump in with heavy equipment.” “You can start by using your own body. Walking lunges or push-ups are a great way of building strength to begin with. 

If you’re not sure about the equipment being used for weightlifting just don’t get afraid of it. Water bottles or tins are perfect as pieces of ‘gym equipment’ you have readily available in your cupboard. Start there if you’re feeling nervous and use it to build your confidence.”

Briant agrees and says it’s always best to master the bodyweight movements first and ensure you are comfortable with them:

  • Can you perform 20 unbroken air squats
  • 10 pushups and hold a plank for a minute?
  • If so you’re ready to add some resistance to your training

3. Start from small weights.

When you move from bodyweight exercises to using weights, start from small weights and build confidence. Chamberlain advises to lift light so that you have a bigger window for error without injury: Building a foundation is important to understand how your body will react to weightlifting, it will help prevent injuries and give you the best long term progression.”  “The heavier you go, the smaller that window gets.” It’s necessary to learn how to complete an exercise correctly before loading heavy.

The best way to do this, Briant advises, is to set yourself a few simple goals and week by week, gradually increase your weights to ensure you keep progressing. Don’t lose hope to start it. We all have to start out somewhere and getting things wrong is the quickest way to learn how to get it right.   

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Commonly associated with weightlifting training is delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS), but Chamberlain (weight trainer) says that everybody reacts differently to weight lifting so if this isn’t something you feel – don’t panic. 

You don’t have to ache the next morning for it to be an effective workout,” Doing too much too fast and aching for a week after one workout won’t be as effective as utilizing a lighter workload more consistently.

5. Work out with friends.

If you are having a friend with you during your weightlifting workout, it’s the best thing. You will feel more confident, especially when walking into the weights area.

“A gym buddy can keep an eye on your technique and assist you if needed. Watching your training partner is also a great way to learn how to effectively do the exercise. Working in a pair or a group helps you on days when your drive might be low – you can push each other to keep at it.”

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