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WECON 2018- Inclusion themed entrepreneurship conference

It’s the Women era where more emphasis is given to the counterpart to create a balance in the society. Women entrepreneurship is also one of the foremost topics of the industry. Empowering women and giving them opportunities to outshine in society has made them independent and has ultimately contributed to the National progress. One of same opportunity is coming to you this year by WECON in Lahore.

WECON 18 (Women Entrepreneurship Conference) an amazing line up of activities. A learning opportunity through massive learning with the workshops on Business Modelling, Social entrepreneurship, thinking and design along with storytelling. It will be a great opportunity to learn and network with the Gurus of Entrepreneurship. Be optimistic by the amazing women entrepreneurs determining the world.

Women Entrepreneurship conference aims to fortify women so that they can contribute to the economic development of Pakistan. This program is being taken with support system procedure to encourage women entrepreneurs. And for second time WECON presents Inclusion theme i: e including women in economic development. The whole day conference will facilitate learning and in depth analysis, around creating inclusive atmosphere for hopeful and existing women entrepreneurs.

Why to be a part of WECON?

  • Building a viable and sustainable ecosystem, mentor network and marketplace
  • Cheering participation of young females in entrepreneurial activities from higher education institutions
  • To establish an annual platform promoting, engaging and supporting the female entrepreneurs of Pakistan
  • Celebrating and learning from iconic women entrepreneurs

As a matter of fact, relatively less time has been dedicated to an important subject which is critical role that plays women as customers, employees, executives and entrepreneurs in transforming the global economy. Capitalizing on women’s participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem would translate into productivity growth in advanced economies and emerging markets as well.

The conference aims to give a face to face interaction with recognized and experienced business owners, successful entrepreneurs and Govt officials on critical business aspect such as: expanding business to new markets, access to capital, overcoming challenges, social innovation and breaking barriers.

The one day WECON conference will include panel discussions, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. This session will also give a detailed view of programs and services by Government to women entrepreneurs.

Meet Wonder Women, enjoy the enthusiastic Chats, Panel talks, and learn how to get funded by top investors and donors. See some amazing female led start ups pitch their ideas. And for that Register now.

Ticket info

Ticket Price for Professional: PKR 4000

Ticket Price Student (Copy of student id is required): PKR 2000

Venue Detail

University of Central Punjab

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