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Robots existence has shaped sense of loneliness among American employees

This is the era where humans already replaced by machines. And the time has come where replacement is taking place by robots. According to researchers companies are of view that replacement of robots has not only affected their jobs but it has created sense of loneliness and it affects their moods and health. And ultimately it affects productivity which leads to low profits.

According to researchers who study the issue, the economic damage caused when employees suffer feelings of loneliness could soon worsen as offices become increasingly automated and more people work remotely.

Employers who tackle the issue now, rather than brush it off as a personal matter, will save money in the future. Loneliness is an expensive problem that will affect their bottom line, “whether they realize it or not.” Said by Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, a psychiatrist and chief innovation officer for Better Up, a workplace consulting firm in San Francisco.

According to multiple studies, Kellerman said she heard from her clients, a schedule that includes Fortune 500 companies, that loneliness was a growing concern. Employees who tend to feel connected to their colleagues are less in number than those who express lonely days as the most depressing ones, where they could zone out, to quit and take more ailing time.

So, her team crunched data from a survey across the country to better understand the risk by profession of about 1,600 workers. The results, published this month in the Harvard Business Review, alarmed her, she said: Sixty-one per cent of the lawyers in her sample ranked “above average” on a loneliness scale from the University of California, Los Angeles.

As robots take on roles that humans once handled and more employees work from home cultures of camaraderie, though, are shrinking in some parts of the economy,. A recent study from the global consultancy firm McKinsey predicted that demand for office workers in the United States will drop by 20 per cent over the next decade due to technological advances. That could mean smaller or more siloed teams.

The occasional employee lunch won’t ease those tensions, she said. Managers should create an emotionally open culture, where employees feel safe to say what’s on their mind and have opportunities to bond. So that they could have interactions and a feeling of connectedness. A number of researches has been done to study the effect of Robots over human feelings.

Daniel Lukasik, a lawyer in Buffalo and creator of the web community Lawyers With Depression, said he started a weekly support group for attorneys 10 years ago after realizing he and his colleagues routinely battled the grip of loneliness.  According to his studies, in 1980’s when he stepped into his career, lawyers would go to libraries to do research and chitchat with others in the field to have a better understanding and ease at work place. But now he can pull up a case on his smartphone and there is no need of humans any more.

 A 2016 study from the American Bar Association found 28 per cent of attorneys reported struggling with depression, compared with 6.7 per cent of the broader population where adding up long hours with an adversarial culture, and the result can be fierce loneliness, along with deteriorating mental health

Lukasik said that it leads to burnout, especially if you’re just in it for the money. “Saying to somebody who is struggling ‘Just deal with it’ is a failing strategy,” and it’s actually costing firms money. Organizations should consider the pros and cons of technology use. Because it ultimately leads to low mental progress that will directly affect the effectiveness being deliver by employees.

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