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Mother’s depression upshots low IQ and affected cognitive development of child

Are you a depressive mother? Or you feel angry while having baby in your womb? Might be you remain happy or feel the best in you. Most recent researches have revealed that a mother’s mood has a lifelong impact on the baby. Mother’s depression lasts a negative impact on its cognitive development.

These are the researchers from University of California (UC) San Diego in US took a survey on 900 healthy children and their mothers at five year intervals from the child’s infancy through age of 16 to get better results. Research has found that a Mother’s depression can lower the children’s IQ and negatively affect their cognitive and motor growth up to the age of 16.

But new research from the University of California, San Diego suggests that the impact on their children’s mental development and learning can continue through the child’s teenage years, if the depression lasts long. 

Observations were made on the affection and response of mothers to their children at each period along with age appropriate provided learning materials. Where mothers were tested for symptoms of depression and children were assessed on verbal cognitive skills and abilities via standardized IQ tests during assessment.

Scientist at UC San Diego have found that mothers who were highly depressed become emotionally distracted and are unable to  invest emotionally or in providing learning materials to support their child with toys, books and their affection in comparison to mothers who were not depressed. This, in turn, impacted the child’s IQ at ages 1, 5, 10 and 16.” That resulted in long lasting effects on them.

This continuing effect has shown uniformity and longevity of the results that mother’s depression has on child’s development and also affects parenting styles. On a scale from 1 to 19, the average verbal IQ score for all children in the study at age 5 was 7.64. Children who had severely depressed mothers were found to have an average verbal IQ score of 7.30 compared to a score of 7.78 in children without depressed mothers.

  • Some 10 to 25 percent of women experience postpartum depression, which may delay their baby’s development. 
  • As rates of depression soar ever-higher in the US, proactively combating and treating even low-grade in mothers depression may help curtail the burden of the mental illness for future generations, the study suggests.

Study results show the long term consequences that a child can experience due to chronic maternal depression. Throughout the study, at least half of the mothers were determined to be depressed based on a questionnaire with questions such as ‘Are you sad?’ and ‘Do you find yourself crying?

Dr East said the researcher has stated that for mothers in the study, there were many intervening factors which act as stressors in their lives. Most of the mothers, while literate, had only nine years of education, and those were not employed outside the home and often lived with extended family in small, crowded homes, and such factors likely to contributed to mother’s depression. Many mothers suffer from depression in the first six months after childbirth, but for some, depression lingers. This varies from situation to situation and atmosphere being created for her.

There are number of steps one can take to protect and reduce depression. Although there’s no proven way to avoid developing postpartum depression, but could be avoided.

Such as:

  • Educate yourself.
  • Sleep and eat properly
  • Let your feelings be known in the delivery room
  • Exercise
  • Avoid making major life changes during or right after childbirth
  • Enlist good support during birthing.
  • Prepare yourself well for childbirth
  • Find a strong emotional support — and take advantage of it

So, it’s necessary to take care of such things as mother’s depression could not only affect the mother herself but it leaves deep marks on the cognition of your child which shows up on later stages. When child has to face the world and he/she goes through different challenges of life.

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